Rich Kelley Teleprompting

Rich Kelley has teleprompted for speakers ranging from those who have never spoken in front of a camera to CEOs and the governor.  Because of Rich's extensive background in speaking in front of national audiences and performing to live audiences, plus working camera, and sound, his focus is always on the finished product.  Rich has the ability to get "in touch" with the speaker, work with their skills and coach them to an excellent outcome  which ensures a natural delivery.  In Rich's own words, "There's more to prompting than typing in a script and turning a knob."  Rich excels in tailoring the speech phrasing to the speaker and crafting a delivery that has the greatest emotional impact.
  • Universal prompter (in front of the lens)
  • Jib mount
  • Presidential (live speech)
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For more information or to schedule an event:
phone      480-217-4526
email to Rich Kelley